An Introduction

Hey veggie heads (that’s what I’ll be calling you…whoever you are)!

My name is Sarah, but from here on out, I’ll be signing off as The Vegan Millennial (maybe TVM? VM? This is a work in progress, hush).

Just to get all of the “boring” stuff out of the way, I’ll give you a quick biography:

I’m a 22yo graduate student at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, working towards a Master’s in Magazine, Newspaper, & Online Journalism. For as long as I can remember, reading and writing have been my truly constant passions–I was raised by a very bibliophilic family, so it was nearly impossible for me to grow up without a love for the written word. This, along with a wish to create social change through writing, led me to where I am today: Newhouse. The program I’m in only lasts one year, so a lot has changed for me in the six months I’ve been studying there.

Now, on to the vegan stuff. I was raised vegan, which is a little factoid about myself that generally elicits a wide range of responses from the people I meet (“Did you have a lot of health problems as a kid?” “Are you serious?” “That’s pretty cool.” “Ok, but how did you get like…nutrients and stuff??”) I was always the kid who brought her lunch to school, and sometimes other kids would make fun of it or tell me it looked gross, which was pretty funny because they were usually eating the school lunches, i.e. cardboard covered in tomato sauce and congealed cheese or overcooked, flavorless frozen vegetables served with sawdust mashed potatoes…but, I digress.

I grew up perfectly healthy, and, thanks to my amazing mother, I discovered a love for cooking at a young age. Some of my fondest memories are of working with my mom in the kitchen–baking cookies and cakes, learning how to bake bread, watching her experiment with old recipes to create delicious, out-of-this-world vegan dishes–and I carry those memories with me as a young vegan millennial just trying to get through grad school without starving.

All of this brings me to this…The Vegan Millennial. I’m currently on break from school, which will tragically be ending in less than two weeks, so I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation in the kitchen, much to the delight of my wonderful boyfriend, Sam (and sometimes to the delight of our two cats, Misty and Maya, who really love baked goods).

I was talking to my fabulous mother early this morning about a vegan cheesecake I made in a baking frenzy yesterday (recipe courtesy of Amy in the Kitchen) and she said something that made me stop and think for a moment: “You’re on the road to becoming a great vegan baker.” This really got me thinking, about my aspirations as a journalist, as a blogger, as a cook, etc., and I decided that it might be time to start combining two of my great loves–writing and vegan cooking. This decision led me to WordPress, which led me to a day full of building a site and annoying all of my friends for help coming up with a blog name, which, as you can tell, led me right HERE.

So, here’s the plan. I’m going to start compiling all of my favorite recipes, be they made-up, adaptations, or just some old favorites, and I’m going to document how I cook them right here on The Vegan Millennial. I’m also going to try to keep a daily/weekly/whenever-the-heck-I-want-to-post blog, just in case there’s anyone out there who’s interested in what I have to say.

Here’s hoping this all works out!


TVM (The Vegan Millennial)

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